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"No" again?

Start feeling "yes".

Hi, I'm Krista Jarvis. I've been working on my new book,
Fireworks: Lighting Up Your Life With Sparks of Desire.

What's great about this book is
that it not only talks about the problem of losing desire in our relationships, it also gives you realistic and simple actions to fix it.

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More Fireworks, Less frustration

Fireworks explores:

  • What desire is.

  • Why we have it so easy in the beginning.

  • How we lose it.

  • How to get it back.

  • And how to keep it going.


You don’t have to wait for the book to get started…

About once a week I will be sharing a short video or pdf that will empower you to cultivate more desire in your life and relationship.

In the next few months I'll share additional offerings that will show you exactly how to re-ignite passion in yourself and your relationship.

I've not only treated people who struggle with desire for over a decade in my sex therapy practice, but I have also personally overcome it. Today, my marriage is exactly how I envisioned a relationship could be- full of intimacy and connection. Now I want to help you get the relationship of your dreams.

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